Selecting equations

After you create an equation, you can manipulate it as necessary. For example, you can select an equation or elements of it, including a template and a slot in a template.

To select an equation

WordPerfect Office btnbacktotopproc Selecting equations
Select an equation in the document.
Click Edit WordPerfect Office onestep Selecting equations (Open) equation object.
Click the Edit equation tab.
Double-click the equation.

You can also
Select an element in an equation
Click the beginning or end of an equation element, hold down Shift, and press one of the following arrow keys: WordPerfect Office leftarrw Selecting equations WordPerfect Office rghtarrw Selecting equations
Select a template in an equation
Double-click the template.
Select a slot in a template
Double-click the slot.

WordPerfect Office tip Selecting equations

If an equation contains a slot or template, and you want to select the entire equation, double-click outside the slot or template. Double-clicking inside the slot or template selects only the contents of the slot or template.

Selecting equations