Publishing to EDGAR

If you are creating documents in WordPerfect that need to be electronically filed with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) using EDGAR, you can save the documents to the EDGAR format.

When you publish a document to EDGAR, the document has the following characteristics:

80 characters per line of text
132 characters per line in tables
a restricted ASCII character set
an export of footnotes as part of the ASCII document
a special tagging for footnote numbering

To publish a document to EDGAR, all you need to do is save it to the EDGAR format.

Once a document is saved to the EDGAR format, you can’t open it in WordPerfect. If you need to modify the document, make the changes in the WordPerfect version of the file and then republish it to the EDGAR format. This will help you reduce the likelihood of having multiple versions of a document — one in WordPerfect format and another in EDGAR.

Note that WordPerfect does not create all of the necessary documentation for a complete electronic filing. For example, WordPerfect does not attach header information to a document; headers are best prepared using EDGARLink software. For more specific information about filing documents using EDGAR and EDGARLink, visit the SEC Web site at

To publish a document to EDGAR

WordPerfect Office btnbacktotopproc Publishing to EDGAR
Click Publish to WordPerfect Office onestep Publishing to EDGAR EDGAR.
Type a name for the file in the File name box.
Choose EDGAR from the File type list box.
Click Save.

WordPerfect Office note Publishing to EDGAR

The document you are saving as an EDGAR file should have a name different from the name of the active WordPerfect document.
EDGAR documents are always in a fixed-pitch, 10-point font. If you want to see what the final document looks like, you must select a fixed-pitch, 10-point font for the document text before you publish to EDGAR.
Publishing a document to EDGAR does not attach header information to a document. When preparing a document for publishing to EDGAR, you must create an appropriate ASCII header file and attach it to the beginning of the file after it has been saved.
Publishing a document to EDGAR may not apply all table tags correctly; therefore, you may have to review each table in a document after it is published to EDGAR.

WordPerfect Office tip Publishing to EDGAR

You can also publish a document to EDGAR by clicking the EDGAR button on the Legal toolbar. For more information on displaying the Legal toolbar, see “To display the legal toolbar.”

Publishing to EDGAR