Importing PDF files for editing

WordPerfect lets you import PDF files and scanned PDF files and then access and reuse the text and graphics content. For example, if you have a PDF file that was created by someone else, you can open it in WordPerfect and edit the contents.

WordPerfect Office pdf import Importing PDF files for editing

Formatting problems may occur if you try to reuse the content in PDF files by copying and pasting. To solve this problem, you can import PDF files so that you can reuse both text and graphics without copying and pasting the content manually. In addition, you can choose to ignore the text formatting in the PDF file.

The PDF import capability in WordPerfect lets you access lines of text and flowing text in documents. You can then extract, modify, and transform the text. In addition, you can import and edit pictures and graphics from PDF files. Vector graphics are maintained in vector format so that you can reuse and scale them.

The PDF import feature in WordPerfect ensures the security of the PDF files by adhering to security standards in the PDF specification. WordPerfect also supports and adheres to locking mechanisms, such as password protection in PDF files.

Effectively opening PDFs in WordPerfect

When you import PDF files, the text formatting may appear different from that of the original PDF. You can alleviate most conversion issues if you are familiar with the two most common PDF document types: design documents and scanned documents.

A design document is a PDF in which the layout is not necessarily based on flow — for example, a magazine advertisement. Design documents are typically created with graphics or illustration software, such as CorelDRAW. Text strings may be individual lines across sections on the page, as opposed to a long paragraph that flows down a page. In such cases, WordPerfect provides text flows for all text strings that were saved to that in the graphics application when the PDF was created. The text and formatting of graphic elements are also maintained. Images are maintained in their original file formats, as is text that is embedded in images that are not vector based. The layout in the imported PDF may be different from the layout in the original PDF, but you can still modify text strings and create a new document without having to copy or redesign all the elements.

A scanned document is a document that is read with a scanner and saved as a graphic file, such as a JPEG. Scanned documents store all information as one large image file that is not vector based. When you import a scanned document, WordPerfect uses OCR technology to scan the document and reconstruct text strings and images. The quality of the original scanned PDF that you import affects the accuracy of what is displayed in the WordPerfect document.

To import PDF files

WordPerfect Office btnbacktotopproc Importing PDF files for editing
Click File WordPerfect Office onestep Importing PDF files for editing Open PDF.
Choose the drive and folder where the PDF document is stored.
Choose the file.
Click Open.
The Open PDF settings appears.
If the PDF document is protected by a password, type the password in the Password box. If both permission and open passwords are applied, type the permission password in the Password box.
In the Page range area, enable one of the following options:
Full document
Pages (requires you to type a page range in the box)
Click Open.
The PDF import dialog box appears.

You can also
Automatically recognize the text and images found in the PDF. This is the best option for opening scanned PDFs.
In the Text conversion options area, enable the Auto-recognize text only on scanned pages option.
Recognize and extract all text from the PDF file, including text found in images.
In the Text conversion options area, enable the Recognize and extract text from all images option.
Disable the text recognition feature. Scanned pages will appear as images in the document and text will not be extracted from images.
In the Text conversion options area, enable
the Don’t recognize text in images option.

WordPerfect Office tip Importing PDF files for editing

You can import the content from the PDF file without text formatting by enabling the Bring in content from original PDF without any formatting check box.
JBIG2 and JPEG 2000 images are not supported.

Importing PDF files for editing