Exploring the workspace

The workspace in WordPerfect includes everything you see on your screen when you start the application. The large open area is the document window.

The menu bar, located at the top of the workspace, just below the title bar, provides access to most of the WordPerfect commands.


Many menu commands can be accessed through toolbars, located below the menu bar.

WordPerfect Office toolbar Exploring the workspace

This is the WordPerfect toolbar.

The property bar is a context-sensitive toolbar that displays buttons and options related to the task you are performing. For example, when text is selected, the property bar contains only text-related commands.

WordPerfect Office propbar Exploring the workspace

This is the property bar.

By default, the property bar is located above the document window.

The application bar

The application bar displays information about the status of the active WordPerfect document. By default, the application bar is located below the document window.

When you open a file, a document button with the name of the file appears on the application bar. You can use document buttons to quickly move between the documents. For more information about moving between documents, see “Navigating documents.”

WordPerfect Office appbar Exploring the workspace

This illustration shows items on the right side of the application bar.

Exploring the workspace