What’s new in WordPerfect Office X5?

WordPerfect Office includes the following new features:

Reference Center — provides you with centralized access to the Help files and new PDF manuals that install with the software, as well as links to Web-based resources. For information on the Reference Center and its documentation, see “Using the documentation.”
integration with the Microsoft SharePoint technology — gives you direct access to Microsoft SharePoint document management systems from within WordPerfect, letting you quickly retrieve and store WordPerfect (WPD) documents. For information, see “Using Microsoft SharePoint with WordPerfect.”
support for Web services — lets you create customized WordPerfect documents by querying the information stored in a networked location. For information, see “Linking and embedding data.”

WordPerfect Office X5 also includes the following enhancements:

improved compatibility with Microsoft Office 2007 programs — lets you open and save files that use the Office Open XML (OOXML) format. For information, see “Compatibility with Microsoft Word.”
improved migration features — let you easily move to WordPerfect Office X5 from an earlier version of the software. For information, see “Migrating from earlier versions of WordPerfect Office.”

For a complete list of the new and enhanced features of WordPerfect Office X5, please visit www.wordperfect.com.

WordPerfect Office tip What’s new in WordPerfect Office X5?

Is your installation of WordPerfect X5 missing the new menu commands that are described in this documentation? If so, you may be using a template from an older version of WordPerfect. For more information on updating your template to include these missing commands, see “Merging default menu commands into templates.”

What’s new in WordPerfect Office X5?