Justifying text

You can justify text in a document. Doing so aligns the text horizontally between the left and right margins of the page.

WordPerfect Office justify Justifying text

This is an example of 1) a left-justified paragraph, 2) a right-justified paragraph, 3) a center-justified paragraph, 4) a fully justified paragraph, and 5) a fully aligned paragraph.

To justify text

WordPerfect Office btnbacktotopproc Justifying text
Click in a paragraph.
Click Format WordPerfect Office onestep Justifying text Justification, and click one of the following:
Left — aligns text evenly with the left margin
Right — aligns text evenly with the right margin
Center — centers text between the right and left margins
Full — aligns text, excluding the last line, along both the right and left margins
All — aligns text, including the last line, along both the right and left margins

WordPerfect Office note Justifying text

Justification is applied to all text from the cursor location forward. If you want to apply justification to a word, line, or paragraph, you must first select the text.

WordPerfect Office tip Justifying text

You can also justify text by clicking the Justification WordPerfect Office pgx justification picker Justifying text picker on the property bar and clicking a justification.

Justifying text