Switching document views

In WordPerfect, you can view documents in four ways: draft, page, two pages, and browser preview.

In draft view, WordPerfect displays the body text of a document the way it will look when it is printed. Draft view does not display formatting such as headers, footers, and watermarks.

Page view displays a document with all of its formatting, the way it will look when it is printed.

Two pages view displays the same formatting as page view, except that two consecutive pages display side by side in the document window.

The browser preview displays a document in HTML format, suitable for an intranet or for the Web; however, WordPerfect codes with no equivalent HTML tags are either modified or deleted from the document. For more information about creating HTML documents, see “Publishing to HTML.”

To switch the document view

WordPerfect Office btnbacktotopproc Switching document views
Click View, and click one of the following:
Draft — to hide some document elements such as footers, page breaks, margins, and watermarks
Page — to display the document the way it will look when printed
Two pages — to display two consecutive pages in a document side by side
Preview in browser — to display a document in HTML format

You can also
Display the ruler in Two pages view
In Two pages view, click View WordPerfect Office onestep Switching document views Ruler.

Switching document views