Linking and embedding video

WordPerfect lets you link or embed a video clip as an OLE object. When you link the file, you can update the video clip when the source file changes. When you embed the file, you insert a copy of it in a document. For information about updating a linked object, see “Updating links and editing OLE objects.”

The type of video formats available depends on what is registered in the Windows Registry as being OLE-compliant. Formats include Video for Windows (.avi files) and may also include QuickTime Movie and Active Movie types. For more information, see the documentation for Windows and the video application.

To link or embed a video clip

WordPerfect Office btnbacktotopproc Linking and embedding video
Click Insert WordPerfect Office onestep Linking and embedding video Object.
Enable the Create from file option.
If you want to link a video clip, enable the Link check box.
Type a filename in the File box.
If you want to search for the file, click Browse.
If you want to display a video clip as an icon, enable the Display as icon check box.

WordPerfect Office note Linking and embedding video

Double-clicking a video clip plays the clip. Once the clip is in play, a control bar displays across the bottom of the file.

Linking and embedding video