Understanding the parts of a document

A WordPerfect document consists of one or more of the following components.


Text can be typed directly into WordPerfect or imported from text editors or other word-processing applications. For more information about adding text to a document, see “Entering and inserting text.”


Graphics include shapes, drawings, pictures, and clipart. A shape is any object created with WordPerfect drawing tools. A drawing is created with Presentations menus and tools.

A picture is a bitmap, or graphic image, that has been imported into a WordPerfect document. Pictures can be imported from a CD or from photo-editing programs, such as Corel PHOTO-PAINT. You can also import pictures by using a scanner. Clipart images are images that can be brought into Corel applications and used as they are or edited. For more information about adding graphics to a document, see “Inserting graphics.”


A style is a collection of formatting attributes applied to characters, paragraphs, or documents. By formatting items with styles, you ensure consistent formatting throughout a document. Whenever you change the formatting in a style, you change the appearance of all items that use that style. For more information about formatting with styles, see “Using text styles.”


A template is a preformatted document that can be used as a guide for creating a new document. Every document created in WordPerfect is based on a template or a project template. When you open WordPerfect, the blank document you see is based on the default template. Project templates include fax cover sheets, memos, newsletters, and brochures. For more information about templates, see “Creating documents from project templates.”


Macros are used to automate application tasks. For example, you can use WordPerfect macros to set margins, select a font, or create a merge file. For more information about macros, see “Using recordings, macros, and automation features.”

Understanding the parts of a document