Opening documents

You can open word-processing documents that were created in WordPerfect or in another application. The advantage of opening, rather than importing a document created in another application, is that many of the formatting attributes in the original document, such as page size, margins, font properties, bullets, and underlining are preserved. Some of the features not supported include embedded pictures, hidden text, interline spacing, kerning, macros, multiple page layouts (the first one in the document is used throughout), and OLE objects. For more information about importing files, see “Import and export file formats for WordPerfect.”

To open a document

WordPerfect Office btnbacktotopproc Opening documents
Click File WordPerfect Office onestep Opening documents Open.
Choose the drive and folder where the document is stored.
Choose a file.
Click Open.

WordPerfect Office tip Opening documents

You can also open a document by clicking the Open WordPerfect Office pgx open Opening documents button on the toolbar.
If you know where a file is located, you can type the full path and filename in the File name list box.

Opening documents