Creating documents

You can create a document in WordPerfect by using the default template, a blank document that includes formatting elements such as margin settings, tab settings, and toolbars. WordPerfect also includes ready-made project templates that you can open and use to create a wide range of documents, including letters, fax cover sheets, calendars, and business cards.

For more information about templates, see “Creating documents from project templates.”

To create a document by using the default template

WordPerfect Office btnbacktotopproc Creating documents
Click File WordPerfect Office onestep Creating documents New.

You can also
Create a document from a project template
Click File WordPerfect Office onestep Creating documents New from project.

WordPerfect Office tip Creating documents

You can also apply the default template to a new document by clicking the New blank document WordPerfect Office pgx newdoc Creating documents button on the toolbar.

Creating documents