Copying and pasting text

This section was created to answer your frequently asked questions about copying and pasting text from a Microsoft Word document.

Copying and pasting text from a Microsoft Word document

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When I copy or paste content from a Microsoft Word document into a WordPerfect document, the text, including tables, displays incorrectly and several unwanted codes are added. Is there a way to copy or paste text without these problems occurring?


The copying process copies not only the text, but also the formatting that is applied to the text. The formatting in your WordPerfect document is, most likely, different from the formatting in the Microsoft Word document that you are copying from, and so, the inconsistent formatting shows up as unwanted codes in the document. You can view the codes in the Reveal Codes window.


To avoid adding unwanted codes when pasting text, you can paste the text as unformatted text.

To paste text as unformatted text
Click Edit WordPerfect Office onestep Copying and pasting text Paste special.
Enable the Paste option.
Choose Unformatted text from the As list box.

Copying and pasting text